Welcome to my blog.  I am thrilled that you found me and excited to share with you.

God planted in me the desire to write a book many years ago. My neighbor gave me my first mystery novel at the age of twelve. I was hooked and started to dream about being a writer. I soon became a voracious reader; I couldn’t get enough. I read mostly to escape the reality of the world around me.

As the years went by my life became very unstable and I went into survival mode to cope with the stress. Dreaming became a luxury I decided I couldn’t afford. I never abandoned my dream to be a writer, but there was always someone to tell me that I needed to be practical and dreams didn’t pay the bills. It’s always easier to listen to the negative things people say and stay in your pit of self pity rather than take a risk and pursue your dreams.

In my twenties I started to say “One of these days I’m going to write a book.” This statement was often met with sarcasm, but sometimes one of my friends would say. “Yes you should write a book.” I realize now that this was a desire that God had planted in me, but He wanted me to be able to use my story to touch others. At that time I was far from ready to write a story of hope.

In my forties I started to receive the healing that God wanted to me to have all along. We moved to Florida when I was forty-one and I was ready to set the world on fire. However, I hadn’t allowed myself to surrender to God’s will yet. It took another two years before I was ready to listen to what God wanted me to do and lay down my plan.

God was finally able to break me down so He could build me up to be who He intended me to be. Then He reminded me of my dream and pushed me to pursue the vision He had planted in me so long ago.

I have become a writer and am publishing my first book in May. I’m not sure where it will lead, but I have learned when you make God the center of your plans He does things that far exceed anything you could ever imagine.

I’m ready for the ride!



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