God’s Grace

We all have had to deal with different degrees of disappointment in life. Our parents, friends, siblings, husbands, wives, children all let us down at one time or another. We even let ourselves down time and time again. If we are honest we let others down very often. The only one we can truly count on is God. He’s the only one who is perfect and does what He says He will do all the time.

This comes to my mind Today on Good Friday as I have been reading about Peter. Peter was always telling Jesus how much he loved him. Peter had traveled with Jesus and watched Him heal the sick, cast out demons and perform many miracles and knew that He was the messiah. However, when Jesus spoke about how He must suffer and die, Peter was in disbelief. Jesus then told Peter that he would deny him three times and Peter said in Matthew 26:35 “Even if I must die with You, I will not deny or disown You!”

We know that Peter did deny him three times just as Jesus had told him he would. I’m so glad the story doesn’t end there. We know that after Jesus was raised from the dead He sought out His disciples and Peter even though they had all abandoned Him. He sought Peter out to reinstate him.

That is the gift that Jesus died to give us. He paid the debt so we don’t have to. We can come and ask forgiveness and be forgiven no matter what we’ve done. He takes all our guilt and shame away and we don’t have to suffer with it any more. Grace is not a license to go out and do whatever we want because it’s already forgiven. We have to come with a repentant heart and truly be sorry for what we’ve done.  After that we need to let it go and not allow ourselves to dwell on our failures.

We need to forgive ourselves and move forward with Jesus. If we seek to punish ourselves we are telling Jesus that what He did on the cross wasn’t enough. I choose to accept what Jesus did for me and walk in the forgiveness He died to give me. How about you?


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