Speaking Out Against Authority

It seems wherever we go someone has an opinion about what some authority figure is doing wrong. We see it on the job, in the church, in small groups, in the world, etc. It’s so easy to look at a leader from our perspective and judge them. We have all the answers, but none of the responsibility. I am certainly as guilty as the next person when it comes to this form of Pride.

In Numbers 12:1-13 there is a story of some people who spoke out against the authority that God had placed over them. It’s the story about when Miriam and Aaron spoke out against Moses. God punished Miriam with leprosy as a result of this sin. I wonder how many of us would be struck with leprosy today for acting in the same way.

We are called to hold our leadership accountable and there are times when they must be confronted. The Bible has a plan for how this should be handled, and it’s not talking to everyone we can find to gather a group to agree with us. This breeds rebellion and gives a foothold to the enemy. Rebellion is extremely dangerous and we must work hard to keep it out of our hearts.

God has been laying this on my heart lately, because He’s been working on raising me up as a leader. As Joyce Meyer says, “You have no business being in authority if you are not willing to come under authority.” She also says, “You have no need to have an opinion where you don’t have any responsibility.” These two phrases continue to help me keep my words and feelings in check. It is a painful process to be broken of pride, but … “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. “

God calls us to pray for our leaders. They have a great responsibility given to them by God and we need to constantly lift them up in prayer. I find when I lay down my thoughts and feelings and lift up those I’m having a problem with; God very often does a great work in my heart. There have even been a few occasions that God has moved on my behalf and given me favor with that person. It’s so much better to let God do the heavy lifting!

Please feel free to give me some feedback on this subject. Some tricks you have learned on dealing with authority. Victories, struggles, etc.


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