The Beginning of Healing from I Do Believe; Help My Unbelief!

As soon as I met J.R. Fisher, I knew that this was unlike any counseling I had ever been through. First of all, he only charged me a minimal amount based on our income. When I walked into his office I was scared to death but there was something about his demeanor that set me at ease immediately. He informed me that the Holy Spirit would be guiding our session and that if I was willing to go deep I would experience true healing. We began with prayer and then he asked me what I was seeing. One clear memory God brought to my mind was the time when, as a little girl in Florida, my mom had locked me out of the house.

Jesus came into that memory with me and brought an end to the lie that Satan had told to me at that moment. He told me that I was not loved, and not special. Jesus told me that He loved and cherished me. I began to experience healing from emotional pain I had suffered with for over thirty years. I began to realize that I had believed Satan’s lies all my life and that was the source of my torment, not God.

I continued to meet with J.R. for a few months and decided that Asia should come with me. J.R. told me that she should come into the sessions with me so that she would be able to experience healing as well. We went to counseling for a while and I did experience some breakthrough and healing. Through theophostic healing I was able to let go of my resentment against my father and my mother. At this point I thought God was finished and I was completely healed and whole. I did feel so much better than I had in years. The healing I received did go a long way in improving my relationship with my husband and daughter.


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