We Are All Connected

Have you ever called someone only to have them say, “I’ve been thinking of you, and I was going to call you today?” Or “I was struggling today, and your call came just in time.” I’ve had that happen many times, but then there are times I have ignored that nagging voice and wished that I would have made that call.

We are all connected on a very deep level and if we learn to listen and not ignore those “feelings” that tell us to call or lift someone in prayer when they cross our minds we would be surprised what can happen. No man is an island and we are called to fellowship with each other and lift each other up in our struggles.

My grandfather had started to write a book about his life and last year I was blessed to be able to read what he had written. He wrote how God spoke to him one day and told him to go visit a man he knew. He said he fought God and told him he was too tired and he had to get ready for the day to come. Finally he lost the battle and decided to do as God had asked. When he arrived at the man’s house, the man greeted my grandfather with a radiant smile and told him that he was just planning on hanging himself if my grandfather had not come.

God brings people to our minds and calls us to reach out to be His hands and feet here on the earth. I try very hard to reach out without delay when someone comes to my mind and there have been so many times when that person says that they have been having a difficult time and needed the encouragement that I called to give. You never know the difference you can make in someone else’s life by just reaching out to them with a kind word and letting them know they are loved. It could literally mean the difference between life and death!

Who has crossed your mind today?


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