We hear the words surrender to God all the time, but what does it really mean to surrender? I’ve spent most of my life fighting to surrender to what I thought was God’s plan for my life. The vision that was in my head was picking up my cross and trudging through life. Life on earth is drudgery and pain and we are told we should be happy about it. No wonder I didn’t want to surrender to God’s plan for my life!

We hear stories of Paul sitting in prison and being overjoyed about it. I don’t know about you, but I started to think there was something wrong with me. In fact, there was. I believed the lie of the enemy that surrender to God would only bring misery and pain, and then God expects me to be happy about it. Not only am I in misery, but I’m condemned because I’m not happy about my misery.

The truth is that God designed each and every one of us with a deep desire to serve Him on this earth and we will not be happy until we are fulfilling that purpose He specifically designed us for. He has equipped us with grace and the gifts and talents that we need to complete the assignments He has given us. This is the message that so many of us seem to miss.

God designed us to dream big, create and prosper here on this earth. He didn’t design us to lay low, and survive until we die or Jesus comes back to save us.  This is clearly illustrated in Matthew 25:14-30. This is the parable of the talents. Lying low, not taking any risks and surviving life is like the servant who received one talent. It says he was afraid and hid it in the ground. The master was not happy with this servant. He took what he did have and gave it to the servant who had doubled the five talents.

This is my personal opinion, but I think the servant with the five talents enjoyed his journey. He probably took risks and didn’t worry about what others thought of what he was doing. On top of all that, his master was pleased with all that he had done. I want to be the servant that pleases the master and still gets to enjoy the journey. How about you?

What talent are you hiding in the ground? Are you waiting for permission to start doing what God has told you to do?

Please feel free to share. When we share our vision, we inspire others to step up!


One thought on “Surrender

  1. I can totally relate! Up until recently I had this false idea in my head that if I surrendered that God would make me do all kinds of things that I had no desire to do. I finally came to the realization that He gives me the desires of my heart and he has gifted me in certain areas that I enjoy for a reason. I also know that whatever He may require of me, He will give me a desire to do it as well as the provision. I spent many years being afraid of what He might ask of me. Seems a bit silly in retrospect now that I have some revelation in this area. I should have surrendered long ago and I could have avoided much pain and turmoil. But praise God I know He will use it all in fulfilling my purpose.

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