The Journey is Only Beginning!

Today I am finally writing again. It has been a crazy 2 weeks! The last time I shared my excitement and fear of stepping into a deeper look at myself. I was terrified by the thought of what would be lurking there. Imagine my surprise when I discovered some really amazing things about myself.

God has given me the gifts of vulnerability, abundance, power and the knowledge that I am worthy! As an extra bonus I received the unexpected gift of healing from chronic fatigue pain that had plagued me for the last 10 years. God continues to amaze me daily!

The week spent in California in ALS (Advanced Leadership Training with Klemmer and Associates) has given me awareness beyond my wildest dreams. There are several things that will be changing as I move forward in my journey.

First, I am committed to walk in trust rather than fear. Second, I am committed to recognizing the abundance that is surrounding me. Third, I am committed to taking the leap of faith into what God has told me to do without hesitation.

I am looking forward to sharing abundance with all those around me and choosing to allow myself to receive from others.

What have you learned about yourself lately? Please share so we can all benefit.


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