Enjoying the Journey!

The further I go down this road we call life, the more I realize that I know very little. There are always things to learn and people to learn from. We can learn from anyone young or old. Personally, I have always been fascinated with older people. Older people have amazing stories to tell if we would only take the time to listen, but what has been amazing to me recently is what we can learn from children.

We are all born with curiosity, boldness, tenacity, and very little pride. Somehow over the years, well meaning people that think they have our best interests at heart, start to teach us that these things are not very realistic. How many of you have heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”? Children are taught not to make waves to fit in with the crowd and that they need to grow up and be realistic. If we are not careful it’s very easy to fall into the sea of mediocrity that is all around us.

Here’s something I heard this weekend at the A Day About Books conference with John Maxwell. “Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten. Then when you hit puberty they take the crayons away and replace them with dry, uninspiring books on algebra, history, etc. Being suddenly hit years later with the “creative bug” is just a wee voice telling you, “I’d like my crayons back please.”

How many of us have had a dream from childhood that got lost along the way? Then when we try to revive that dream all or most of our well meaning friends and relatives try to help us by encouraging us to stop dreaming. Some will say things like, “People who have made it just got lucky” or “Don’t you think you’re a little old to still be dreaming?” Is it any wonder many of us will drop back into the sea of mediocrity?

I’ve recently decided to revive the dream to be a writer. This was the result of seeking a deeper relationship with God. This journey took a year and a half of searching deep within myself and doing a fearless inventory of who I had become and who God had created me to be. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that God created me to be the very thing I had been dreaming about for most of my life. As I stepped out into this dream, I have given others around me permission to do the same and I have touched several lives with my writing.

How many people miss the calling on their life because they’ve listened to the voices telling them that they are not good enough, they need to be realistic or to be successful takes luck? We need to wake up, take an honest look at our lives and decide that we are going to make the most of the life we have! (John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”)

Now is the time to step out and determine to make this world a better place because we were in it. Sure, stepping out will be difficult, it will take curiosity, tenacity, boldness, and very little pride. All the things we had as a child. We will have to be willing to fall down and get back up as many times as it takes to succeed, but won’t the success be worth all those bumps and bruises?


What dreams have you abandoned because you listened to the voices that told you that you couldn’t make it happen? What dreams are you taking back from your childhood? Please feel free to share so we can encourage you when the voices come.


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