Victim No More

Every one of us that has lived for a little while can agree that things happen to us that we don’t like. In fact, probably everyday at least one thing will happen that doesn’t go the way we planned. This is when we get to make a choice. Do we let this thing ruin our day or do we seek to find the lesson in this event?

The truth is that two different people can live through the same experience; one can thrive and one can be devastated. What’s the difference? Attitude makes the difference between learning from life or being overcome by it. This might seem very simplistic, but I’ve heard somewhere the simplest is the highest.

It seems that when things seem their worst that is when so many people emerge with a new found vision for their lives. There is something about adversity that will bring out the best in us, should we choose to allow it. One of my friends recently pointed out that we are only learning when we fail. If we choose to change our mindset around failure it could just revolutionize our life!

I have spent the last year working hard at no longer allowing myself to be a victim. It is simple, but not easy. There are so many people who will support you in being a victim, but few who are willing to hold themselves accountable let alone someone else. It has been a crazy journey and it has taught me a lot. The journey is not over yet; there is still much to be learned. I do have the privilege of having an awesome group of people around me to keep me accountable. These people love me enough to tell me the truth so that I can become a better me. I thank God for them every day.

Where are you showing up a victim in your life? What lesson can you learn from what you are experiencing right now? Please feel free to share.


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