Learning to Trust God’s Plan

So many times we make our plans and think we have everything figured out. We spend so much time and energy on our plan and then get so upset when our plan doesn’t seem to be working. Life drops a bomb on us or rips the rug out from under us, and we are left to wonder what happened. When these times come they can literally take our breath away. We try to understand why and then we try to figure out what to do next.

Recently I had a storm in my life that simply didn’t make any sense. My husband and I moved to Florida after he was offered a job making very good money. Everything fell into place for us to move down to Florida; every door seemed to open. It was crazy the way everything came together and seemed to be what we were supposed to do. Then my husband was laid-off from his job and I felt like God had pulled the rug out from under me. For the first time in my life I had no backup plan and we seemed to hit rock bottom. No matter how hard we tried he was unable to find another job. It took a year and a half for him to finally find a job that paid just slightly above what we received from his unemployment.

Feeling useless I dropped into despair and tried to reason out where we had gone wrong. It seemed like a cruel punishment from God. We were down here with no safety net and couldn’t go back home even if we wanted to. It was so frustrating not being able to help ourselves. We had to learn how to receive from others without being able to give them anything in return. I wish I could say that I was grateful for the people around us that were so giving, but actually I became obsessed with getting back on our feet so we could pay them all back. It took almost two years until I was able to understand that God was using this situation to save me and my family. He was trying to teach me to stop trying to figure everything out from my own way of thinking. Isaiah 55:8 says “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, Declares the Lord.”

Slowly over time, God began to call me to step out in faith and trust Him to be our provider. He prompted me to do some things that seemed a little bit crazy, like driving Asia to Texas with just $40 in my checking account. Each time I stepped out and trusted Him, He would provide in amazing ways that just couldn’t be coincidence. That’s just how cool our God is! Over the last three years God has gotten me to the place that I no longer put my faith in my plan or my thinking, but I seek His plan and lay down my own much more quickly than I used to. God has taught me that His plan and His timing are so much better than our own.

Whose plan do you trust in?


2 thoughts on “Learning to Trust God’s Plan

  1. I always had a plan A and a plan B – that’s what we type A personality, control-freak people do. Then with a lot of work and a lot of prayer – God taught me to get out of the way and be ready for Plan G – it is always better!!

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