Dealing With Those That Come Against Us

Most of us have had to deal with a co-worker or associate that seems to be out to make us look bad. It can be very difficult to deal with and frustrating if we let it. If we will take the time to look at things from an unemotional perspective, we can usually emerge victorious from a situation like this.

There are many examples in the Bible of people that had to deal with this very thing. One that keeps popping up in my mind is Mordecai from the book of Esther. He had Haman, who was power hungry and was angry with him because he wouldn’t bow down to him. As a result of this, Haman set out to kill Mordecai. The interesting thing is how Mordecai didn’t waste any time defending himself or fighting back. He just continued to move forward in what God had called him to do and left God deal with Haman. If you know the story, you know that Haman ended up being hung in the very same gallows he had built to hang Mordecai.

Now very few of us have people who are out to kill us physically, but most of us have people who work hard to sully our reputation or make themselves look good. What would happen if we would simply make a choice to do what is laid before us and not give any energy to that person? What if we took all that energy we have been using to “defend” ourselves and put it into our work instead? Most likely amazing things would start to happen if we would give it enough time. That is usually the problem; it is so hard to wait it out when we feel we are being abused in some way. We are impatient and we demand our respect! We seek to fight back, because after all we aren’t a doormat. I’m not suggesting that you never stand up for yourself, because some people truly need to be confronted at times. What I’m saying is many times if we give that person enough time they either are touched by our kindness and we get the chance to minister to them or they “hang themselves”. We don’t have to drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out how to get them back or do anything to defend ourselves.

There are many times in the Bible that God speaks to us about this subject. Here are a few verses that I’ve found so far. Deuteronomy 32:35 “Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, And the impending things are hastening upon them.” Romans 12:19 “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.” Hebrews 10:30 “For we know Him who said, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY.” And again, “THE LORD WILL JUDGE HIS PEOPLE.”

It is so very hard to lay down our rights, especially in our world today where so many seek to be right. God shows us many examples of how He will take care of us, if we choose to follow His plan and lay down our rights. His plan is always better than anything we can think up. I would love to tell you that I always follow His plan when dealing with those who come against me, but in my human condition, I have many times lashed out and fought for my rights as well. That is why I am choosing to renew my mind by studying and speaking out what God has to say about how to deal with others.

Where are you putting your energy today?


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