The Value of Accountability

Accountability is one of the best tools we can use to help us create success. It makes it easier to reach our goals because we have someone watching us and reminding us why we are doing what we’re doing when we’d like to slack off just this once. If we choose the right person, they can remain objective on those occasions when we are being ruled by our emotions. We’ve all been there, we have a challenging day and we think “I can let it slide just this once.” For many of us this can mean a death sentence for our dream, because it can start the vicious cycle of guilt, self-condemnation, lack of worthiness, and apathy.

When we choose to hold ourselves accountable we increase our chances of success dramatically no matter what we are seeking to achieve. It’s not easy to follow through with allowing ourselves to be held accountable, nor is it easy to be an effective accountability partner.  You have to prepare yourself to be brutally honest with yourself and whoever you choose to be accountable to. You have to be willing to have that person call you out when it’s necessary. The accountability partner has to be someone who is willing to tell you the truth no matter what even if you don’t like it all the time. You probably want to choose someone who is at the very least a reformed people-pleaser. You also should choose someone who has some experience with achieving simular goals.

The last year I have been working with several accountability partners in different groups. One group is Celebrate Recovery. As I was working through several of my defects of character it was invaluable to have a group of woman going through the same experience at the same time. They knew a lot about me and the different things I would usually use to justify my behavior. It really made the difference for me and caused me to think before I acted. It was also so nice to know that I was not on this journey alone. It gave me the ability to break free from pain and my stinkin’ thinkin’ as Joyce Meyer likes to say.

The second group I met when I started working with a leadership team at Klemmer and Associates. This group connected me with a group of leaders that were committed to making a difference in the world by discovering and using the gifts and talents they had been given. The first seminar I went to was a weekend long and it revealed to me the person I was and why I was constantly sabotaging my efforts to move forward in my life. I came out of the weekend with a challenge to write the book that I had been talking about for 20 years and publish it within 90 days. It was amazing to have a group of people check in with me constantly and hold me accountable to reach my goal. As many of you know, that goal was reached and it was an amazing ride.

So in closing, I’d like to offer you a challenge. If you are like so many others and are a good starter and not such a great finisher, or just have trouble getting started on your life. Start looking for someone who would be willing to love you enough to hold you accountable to step out and make a difference.

If you’re not sure where to start there are a group of women I know that are offering a 10 week Coaching Package to help you get started on your journey. They are Jenny, Tammy and Michelle of Everyday Lifeline Coaching. Here’s their website if you want more information.

What do you want to break free of? Please share any victories you’ve had to help encourage us all.


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