Passion vs. Worry

Lately, I have been struggling with a new passion I have received to stand up and make lasting change in the world. When I share this with some they tell me this is worry and this has been extremely frustrating to me. God’s begun to reveal to me that so many of us have watched our dreams die one by one and then become resigned to what we call “reality”. We hear people say often that “it’s just not realistic” and I say since when has God been realistic! How many times do we read in the Bible about God doing the impossible through people that society had deemed unworthy? I think the enemy uses this as an attack to keep those who are bold enough to step up and voice their passion from pursuing the very thing that God has placed in their heart. The enemy will use any and all weapons at his disposal to thwart progress against his plan for this world. Sometimes that may include well meaning, loving people. What we need to do in these instances is to remember to trust God and not man. God places goals and dreams in our hearts and it’s our job to act on them and work toward achieving them. We all see things and other people through our own filter, so we need to be careful when advising others to take it easy or to back down on living in the purpose they were created for. There is a time to seek God, but then we need to act! Good intentions are just not enough to get things done.

How can we deal with people that don’t understand why we are so passionate and try to convince us that we are being too radical? I believe the first step is to look at them with the eyes of Jesus and realize that they are many times speaking out of their own experiences and their own set of belief systems. We all have a flawed outlook on things sometimes and we are all guilty of judging others based on what our beliefs are. The second thing we need to do is to go to God and ask for clarity around the dream or passion He has placed in us. He’s the one who created us with the desire to accomplish these tasks and therefore, He is the final authority on whether we are moving in the right direction or not. Third, once we have received clarity we should seek to surround ourselves with like-minded people to help us stand strong against the enemy’s attacks. We can gather a team of prayer warriors who will pray for protection over us and help encourage us when we begin to get off track. Fourth, we need to keep pressing forward toward the prize. Paul talks about this in Philippians 3:14 “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” If we allow others to influence us and keep us second guessing ourselves and the vision we’ve been given we run the risk of robbing the world of the gift God wants to give through us!

I encourage you today to live on purpose and be careful not to put your faith in man rather than God. We need to keep our eyes focused on the prize and live each day as if it were our last day!

What dream are you sitting on today because someone has told you that you are being unrealistic?


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