Helping The Wounded

Today, I saw a skit featuring Bob Newhart. In this skit he played a therapist who was dealing with someone who had some deep-rooted fears. She shared how she feared being buried alive and these thoughts ruined her life. He offered two words that were supposed to change her life. They were simply “stop it”. This seems funny, but when I watched it, it immediately brought back memories of people telling me to “just trust God” or “have faith” when I was down in my pit of despair. Then God began to reveal to me that I had been reacting that way to a few people who had reached out to me for help. I found myself becoming impatient with them and thinking “Why don’t they get it!”. Then He started revealing still another stronghold in my life that I couldn’t seem to shake. He had someone in my life point out that I just had to stop believing the lie that was plaguing me; it was just that simple and all my struggling would be over. I couldn’t understand why God was allowing me to remain in this struggle and then I saw that skit and it became clear. God was trying to teach me a lesson and help remind me how the people I was trying to help were feeling. We can’t really help others if we can’t relate to them.

We can really wound people when we think we have all the answers and in effect blame them for not having the faith they should or for not doing what they should do.  It’s really easy once we receive a revelation from God that enables us to trust Him, to start walking in pride and think that we have all the answers. The missing piece is we don’t understand other people’s hearts like God does. Only God knows what each and every person has been through and only He has all the answers. That’s why we all have to depend on God to reveal His truth to people when they are ready to hear it. He uses us sometimes and sometimes He will use someone else. You’ve heard the saying “seven different ways from seven different people”, that’s the way God works sometimes. The important thing to remember is that God’s timing is perfect and we aren’t the one with all the answers.

The best way to help the wounded is to listen and let them know that we don’t have all the answers. We need to pray for them and ask for God to give us the wisdom to meet them where they are and continue to offer encouragement. We need to remember that each person is on their own journey and it might not look the way we think it should. If we find ourselves becoming impatient we may need to step back for a time and trust that God will bring someone else into their life that may hold another piece of the puzzle. If we learn to trust God to do what needs to be done in them we will be able to really help others. It’s not up to us to convince them of the truth, we are just called to share it and allow God the time to convince them.

Who do you need to trust God with today?


5 thoughts on “Helping The Wounded

  1. I don’t think it is always about convincing people of truth. I get it. Sometimes it is just about repetition because “people” are so annihilated that it takes hearing the same thing over and over. The job isn’t for everybody; that’s why people fall through the cracks sometimes.

    • Patty, sorry if you were offended. This post was really about where I am struggling with God right now. God has called many people around me and is teaching me to meet them where they are and to remember to remain humble before him. I had no one specifically in mind when I wrote it, other than myself and my stuff.

  2. I have seen that skit. I appreciate the humor but also know the deeper meaning as you shared that I can be so put off by others not “getting it” but miss the log in my own eye. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

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