The Done List

to do list

This time of year can be very overwhelming. We look at all the extra things that come with the Christmas Season and we can quickly lose sight of what’s important or how much we have accomplished. We certainly need to focus on the reason for the season, but being realistic, most of us would say that this is a busy time of year. If we’re honest, most of us will admit that we have a few extra things on our list, no matter how hard we may try not to.

Most of my life I’ve been a list person, but lately I find myself unwilling to write down my “to do” list. A few weeks ago, while talking to a dear friend, she mentioned being overwhelmed by her “to do” list and that was when the revelation came  that maybe writing a “done” list may serve her better. This caused me to reflect on how I could change my view of my “to do” list, so that it was serving me.

When we focus all of our attention on all the things we have yet to do we can quickly lose sight of all those little victories we’ve had along the way. It’s important to enjoy the journey, otherwise what’s the point. Life is more about the journey than the destination. Let’s face it, we will never arrive in this life, so it’s all about the journey. We really miss out on valuable lessons when we focus on our failures or all the things that we haven’t done.

So today, I encourage you to make a “done” list and celebrate the things you’ve accomplished!

What can making a “done” list do for you?

1. It can help you realize how much you actually do on a daily basis. (This helps us to stop feeling like a failure.)

2. It can encourage you to keep moving forward. (When you see what you have already accomplished, it gives you hope for the future.)

3. It allows you to see the progress you have already made. (This helps to encourage you to keep moving forward.)

4. It can help you set realistic goals in the future. (This allows you to continue to stretch yourself, without feeling overwhelmed.)

5. It helps you to overcome negative self-talk. (We could all use another weapon to help us overcome all the negativity that can run amuck in our minds.)

6. It can help you to overcome the need to compare yourself with others. (We can waste a lot of time looking at what others are doing and comparing ourselves with them. Making a “done” list helps us to keep the focus on what we need to do rather than trying to compete with others.)

What have you done today? Please share your thoughts and any victories you’ve had in this area.


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