Our Most Precious Gift

This time of year can be wonderful when we focus on the true reason we are celebrating. We are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, the one who came to earth, because He loved us so much that He could not bear to spend eternity separated from us! How cool is that!

Today is my birthday. As a child, I felt so cheated. Everyone would tell me how special it was to have my birthday on Christmas, but all I felt was left out. It seemed that others were able to celebrate their birthdays and it was their special day, but my birthday was often forgotten or an afterthought. Recently, my outlook has changed and I do feel truly blessed to be able to celebrate my birthday on the same day we celebrate our wonderful Savior’s birth.

Greatest Gift

This time of year used to be such a stressful time for me because my focus was on everything but celebrating the precious gift we received when Jesus chose to come down and hang out with us and show us the greatest love the world has ever known. A couple of years ago, our church small group did a video Bible study of Matthew. That study began to transform my view of who God is. For the first time in my life, Jesus, became real to me. I realized how much He enjoyed being with us in the flesh and sharing everything He was with His Father’s greatest creation. He found such joy in being among His people and showering them with His love and compassion. He brought an end to the idea that we could somehow earn the love of our creator. He came down to this earth to show us how important and precious we are to Him. If we can begin to grasp that truth and keep growing in our knowledge of that wonderful love we would never again feel lost or unloved.

This past year, God has begun to transform my mind and teach me what it is to be loved with abandon and to begin to share that love with others. It has been a wonderful journey and I feel truly blessed because the true meaning of what Jesus did for us has finally begun to sink in. He came here to earth and became one of us to save us, but also to share with us the abundant life.  A life that is so amazing and wonderful and it’s waiting for any one of us to receive. The most beautiful part of this gift is that we can do nothing to deserve it; it is given to us freely and without strings! We get to receive it and then He teaches us how to walk into it and share it with others. How truly amazing!

The prayer that I pray today is that each of you would receive this precious gift and begin to understand the beauty of what you have!

What has God revealed to you this year? Please feel free to share, the beauty of God’s gifts is that they are even more precious when you share with others!


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