Got Goals?

Change 2

Most of you have heard the expression “to have a friend; we first need to be a friend”. Over the last two years, the truth of that statement has finally begun to sink in. For most of my life I had very few friends. There were a lot of people around me, but few people that ever got to see the real me. People talk about having best friends since childhood and I just can’t relate.

Most of my childhood was spent keeping everyone at arm’s length, because the thought that if they knew me they couldn’t possibly like me constantly ran through my mind.
I spent most of my time constantly blaming others for not reaching out, when in reality they didn’t have a chance to be my friend, because no one knew who I really was. To have true intimacy with another you have to become vulnerable and risk being hurt, and I wasn’t willing to become vulnerable to anyone.

Two years ago, God began to change my life dramatically. I remember crying out to Him for months that I was so lonely. My heart ached so much from the loneliness that sometimes I didn’t think that survival was possible. God led me to a program called Celebrate Recovery and a group of women that loved on me and urged me to be myself. It took several months, but God finally started to reveal the link between my loneliness and my fear of being vulnerable with people.

That truth was brought home further when He led me to a company called Klemmer and Associates by a newly found friend in Celebrate Recovery and I attended a Champions Workshop in January of 2012. This started a chain of events which led to a whole new perspective on life. It was okay to take risks and step out in faith, because I now had a group of people who were there to hold me accountable and encourage me in my journey.
There are several goals that I have set and accomplished this year as a result of attending Klemmer and Associates Workshops and building friendships with like-minded people who challenge me to step into the things that God has laid on my heart.

1) My book was written and published in 77 days. (A lifelong dream come true!)
2) My blog was started.
3) My daughter and I now have our jewelry in The Gauze Shop in Downtown Stuart and we have a cool new name, Tasia Divine Creations!
4) My second book has been started and my dream of becoming a public speaker has begun to take shape.
5) Many of my relationships have been renewed and healthy new ones are developing.

These are all things that God put on my heart and are just a few of the changes that happened in my life in 2012. The biggest change is that I now look forward to the New Year with excitement for the first time in my life.

If you are trying to decide where to begin to make change in your life, come join us at our local Champions Workshop on January 14th. It could be the beginning of something amazing in 2013! Contact me today at for more information on how you could change your life in 2013!

What goals do you have for 2013?


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