God Hugs

hugsAn amazing thing happened this morning. I woke up with the old hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness running through my mind. It wouldn’t leave and finally an uncontrollable urge came to share it on facebook! Normally, I would fight such a “bizarre urge”, but as I was not feeling well this morning I just found the lyrics on a website and shared it.
After sharing it, the doubts started to come. What were people going to think? What an old-fashioned hymn. Do people even remember it? Then calmness came and God said that He was reminding me of His faithfulness and it really didn’t matter what others would think. An hour had gone by, when I noticed that my friend Sherry from Pennsylvania shared that they sang this hymn in Church this past Sunday and the message was about God’s faithfulness. She went on to say that she had never heard this hymn before Sunday, but it was just what she needed to be reminded of today! Tears came as I realized that God had just reached across the miles and gave a much needed “God Hug”. This in turn reminded me that sometimes those little things that we think are unimportant and don’t make any sense are really very big. In reaching outside of myself, I was able to help another and be encouraged at the same time. God takes seemingly little things and makes them bigger than we dreamed when we choose to obey!
Sometimes we don’t get to see the results that quickly, or ever, but we never know the impact that one seemingly insignificant thing will have. It reminded me of a story I’ve heard at church a few times. It was about a man on George Street in Sydney, Australia. He felt led to hand out 10 tracks a day to random people walking down the street. He continued handing out 10 tracks a day for 40 years and never heard of anyone receiving Christ from his effort, but God was working through this simple act in mighty ways. He witnessed to around 147,000 people and many of them came to Christ. A pastor from a Baptist Church in Crystal Palace in South London heard a testimony from one of the members of his congregation about how he was saved by receiving a track from this man. This pastor went to Australia and continued to run into people who were saved by running into this man and accepting a track. He was able to find this man, Mr. Jenner, and tell him some of the results of his efforts. Mr. Jenner broke down in tears and admitted that he had not heard of even one person being led to Christ by this small effort.
This story reminds us to be faithful in the small things because we may never know the impact we are having. Here’s a link to the whole story if you are interested in reading it for yourself.  http://www.spiritlessons.com/Man_from_george_street.htm
What small thing can you be faithful in today? Please share any stories or testimonies you have about following God in small ways with big results.


4 thoughts on “God Hugs

  1. Tammy: What a great blog! What an amazing story about Mr. Jenner. It reminds me to never give up, even if  I reach only one person. I needed that! Thank you, Vicky


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