Your Mission

Last Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of people attending Celebrate Recovery at The Grace Place. It was the largest crowd I have spoken in front of so far. A few of my friends had come out to support me, along with my husband. I watched as people continued to pour in and more chairs were brought out to give them a place to sit. The fear started to grip me as I was starting to wonder what I was doing there. Who do you think you are? Do you really think these people are interested in what you have to say? What if you mess it up?
The moment came for me to walk up on stage. I ran up, knowing that if I waited too long, I would run the other way. I looked out on the group and said a quick prayer for God to give me His words and to prepare the hearts of those hearing those words. I fumbled through the first few sentences and then the words of one of my friends who came to support me came back to me. She said, “If you love your audience than you’ll be just fine.” I looked out and realized that sharing my story was not about me; it’s about what God has done.
As I recounted my story, God’s goodness became new again. He filled me with a desire to let everyone in the room, who had lost their hope, know that they were not alone. God was right there waiting for them to ask for and receive His help! Joel 2:25 came to my mind again. “I will redeem the years the locusts have eaten.” My mind when back to the day God revealed that verse to me and promised me that He would redeem what the enemy had taken away, my childhood, my family and my dreams. He would redeem the years that I had wasted in anger and bitterness. “That”, God said, “is why you are here; to let them know what is possible with me.”
That is why it is so important that I continue to share the testimony God has given me. It’s not so others will look at me, but so they will look at Him and see that He will do the same for them. I share to defeat the enemy and the lies he keeps telling all the people who feel hopeless, defeated, and lonely in the world. The people who have decided it’s too late for them to make a difference in the world around them. That’s the mission He’s given me and that is what keeps me going. God is so good! He heals us, builds us up and then sends us out to share the good news with others.
What mission has God given you? Please share so others can support you with prayer!


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