Following My Dreams

Dream big

I’ve spent a week in Pennsylvania in the winter. As we were driving to Lancaster from the airport, the sky was so bleak and it was very cold for someone used to temperatures in the seventies and eighties. Bringing my daughter back home to Florida was the goal of this trip, but I also wanted to see some of my friends and relatives before heading home. The cold has been almost unbearable and the reason for leaving in the first place has pushed its way to the forefront of my mind. Many times during the week, I’ve heard myself say, if only I could take you all back home with me. It’s selfish of me, because I know many of my friends and relatives feel the same way about living in Pennsylvania as I feel about living in Florida. Florida is paradise to me except that I had to leave behind many very special people.

Why can’t everyone just come and live with me? There’s been a constant battle in my mind all week. I can’t wait to get home and see all the new friends I’ve made in Florida and get back to the warmth, but I also miss my friends and family here in Pennsylvania. My heart aches sometimes because I miss them so much! There is not enough time to spend with everyone that I long to see and yet there is a part of me that can’t wait to get back to paradise, my husband and the home we have created. There is also a longing to get back to the passion and dreams that God has laid on my heart. Sometimes a strong feeling of wanting to run away and hide from the destiny God keeps showing me glimpses of overwhelms me.

Why does it seem that we need to make such big sacrifices sometimes to follow the dreams that God has placed in our hearts? There is always a price to pay. We can follow our dreams or we can live a life trapped in wishing we could make things happen. When we follow our dreams we will lose some people and things along the way, but we also gain many things.

As a result of following my dreams I have started to enjoy my everyday life. People have come into my life that give me amazing gifts like encouragement, challenge, support and love. I am a better person now that I am following the purpose I was created for. These gifts would be lost as well as all the good that God has designed for me to do, if I had chosen to play it safe and not risk following my dreams. So in closing, I must say that I don’t regret making the move and jumping into this new life.

What are you afraid of losing if you follow your dream? Please share so that I can pray for you!


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