Building a Bridge

God invites us to dream big with Him. He actually planted really big dreams in all of us. These dreams are so big that we could never accomplish them on our own. That’s where many of us go wrong, we own our dreams. As a result of owning our dreams, we will become disillusioned when we fail to “make” our dreams come true and we run the risk of achieving a much smaller dream than God intended for us.

This weekend I was given the opportunity to hear Jeff Goins talk about how his dream came true. He talked about risk, which isn’t unusual, but what he revealed next was. He talked about building a bridge to your dreams. He used the illustration of the difference between a trampoline and a bridge. If you jump on a trampoline you may go somewhere, but usually it’s not where you want to go. If you lose control on a trampoline you will crash and injure yourself if you’re not careful. Building a bridge takes time and sustained motivation, but you rarely crash and injure yourself on the other side of the bridge. Once the bridge is built you can go across it as many times as you need and you can invite others on your journey.

The concept of building a bridge to your dreams is not a glamorous concept in our culture. Most of us would simply like to wake up tomorrow and have our dream come true. If we search the scriptures we will see many times where people had to build the bridge to the dream God gave them. Ruth, Joseph and Abraham are just a few. God gives us the big dream to sustain us through the time it takes to build the bridge to get there.

Ruth, Joseph and Abraham all had a time of preparation before they saw the dream that God had given them become a reality. All three of them took advantage of that time by allowing God to work in and through them until they were ready to step into those dreams. God needs to prepare us to be good stewards of the dreams He gives us.

We’ve all heard the stories of countless lottery winners who win millions only to end up broke and bankrupt just a short time after winning. It’s because they weren’t prepared to handle the money they were given. God is far more interested in the journey than the destination. He’s more interested in our character rather than our comfort, because when we learn to trust Him we can live every day to the fullest regardless of our circumstances.

This is the life Jesus talked about in John 10:10 amplified version “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” The enemy would seek to destroy us through our circumstances, but when our eyes are on God, he loses all his power over us!

Are you building a bridge or jumping on a trampoline?


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