Can Being Vulnerable Make You Successful?

Last week I started an online writing course. It’s been an excruciating experience. Emotions have erupted within me, surprising me with their intensity. Pain, anger, fear, doubt, the list goes on. Why do you ask? Our leader promised us he would challenge us. The saying, “no pain, no gain” keeps echoing in my mind.

I’m a writer I say with doubt. I want others to hear my voice, yet feel naked sharing my words with a group of writers who appear to be light years ahead of me.

Another challenge is reading others words and critiquing them. Who do I think I am? A fraud, that’s what comes to mind. I’m no expert and soon they will all know it. If I want feedback from others, I must be willing to give it as well.

The need to be right must go during this process. I hold onto it like my precious, despising it all the while. The battle raging within causes me to entertain thoughts of giving up. A small voice within me cries, “You are not a quitter. You have a job to do.”

Where else does this show up in my life? Does fear of being wrong hold me back from being successful elsewhere? Pride invades every area of my life. It’s present in relationships with my husband, daughter, extended family, friends, ministry, etc.

We are all on this journey together. We were created to complement each other. To be successful in our life mission, we must be willing to be vulnerable.

It’s wise to build a team of people who have your back. Having our back may mean they sometimes disagree with our thoughts or actions. An effective team will reveal our weaknesses and blind spots before we enter into the heat of battle. They will only be as effective as we allow. We need to give them permission to disagree with us and offer a different perspective. We will emerge from this experience stronger if we give them freedom to challenge us. We choose to be right or be better.

So I continue to take this journey in hopes the end will find me stronger and justify the turmoil that broils within.

Who’s on your team? Do you allow your team to be effective?


6 thoughts on “Can Being Vulnerable Make You Successful?

  1. You better never give up, or I might just have to hitch hike, ( which we both know is “extremely” dangerous, & plus this old earthly body that God lent to me would fail me “big time!”) and kick ur bottom! U are a “phenomenal” writer, person, and strong Christian woman, & the dearest, most giving, & loyal friend “anyone” could ever ask for! Remember, u r “just starting” on ur journey as a writer. That “doesn’t mean” ur not a “good” gifted, & extremely talented at what ur doing, not to mention ur on a mission from God! Which u are honoring “very” unselfishly! Take a breath, relax, & be extremely quiet & still, so that u may “always” hear His still small voice! Bless u Tammy! And, “never” give up or, into anything that isn’t coming straight from our Lord & Savior’s mouth!! Luv u much!!! And, many blessings to u always!!! Your sister in Christ, Nanc 🙂

    • Thanks Nanc! You are truly and encouragement! I’m not planning on giving up, but that doesn’t keep the enemy from messin’ with me. Just being honest about the struggle within.

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