Are you living in the moment?

Photo by Lori Bee

The moment I first became aware of not living in the moment was when I left my car running overnight.

My todo list had taken over my mind and instead of living in the moment; I was focused on the next five things on the list.

I had locked my keys in my car many times before, even one time while the car was running, but this time I didn’t even notice the car was running.

I went into the house and continued my pursuit of tackling the overwhelming todo list.

The next morning, someone came to my house and asked me if I owned a silver blue Saturn. It was astounding he knew the car was mine.

He said, “It’s running.” Surely he was joking!

We walked out together and sure enough my car was running and very hot. The worst part was I had no extra key and all the doors were locked.

My husband, who had the spare key, was working across town and couldn’t come home. One of my dear friends, Kate, drove to his jobsite to get the key and bring it to me. Luckily, the car was fine once it cooled down, but it was a lesson in paying attention in the moment.

I have become more aware of being present in the moment, but still struggle in this area when I’m feeling the pressure from my todo list.

This experience was the beginning of awareness into the state of mind robbing me of the abundant life. I was destroying my health, relationships, productivity and life by living this way.

My life didn’t change overnight; it took many more of these experiences to bring this message home. Even now, I find myself struggling in this area from time to time.

Can you relate?

If so, I encourage you to read Jeff Goins book The In-Between available this week.

Follow this link In-Between for more information on this resource and get some perspective to help you in the quest to slow down and learn from the journey.

Through personal stories and reflections he shows us how to shift our perspective of the time in-between the mountain top moments so we don’t miss out on life or the lessons there.

What in-between moment did you miss? Have you ever wished you could relive an in-between moment?


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