Desired Outcomes


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Lately, I’ve been frustrated with what has seemed like a lack of growth.

All roads seem to point to dead ends.

I thought I would be so much further along on my journey by now.

I’ve felt distant. Distant from God, my family, my friends and the people I’ve been reaching out to help.

Last night going to the jail was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t feel like going. It seems to have no real impact. We have such a short time with these women to tell them they are loved, they matter and God cares about what they’re going through.

We can’t fix them, which is what I long to do. We come and share what God has laid on our hearts and then He does the rest, but they get to choose to respond or not. That’s the difficult part, watching them choose something different.

It got me thinking how patient God is. He has given all of us chance after chance and how many have we wasted.

It really shows me I’m no different from these women in front of me.

How many times has God gotten me out of my pit and put me on solid ground only to have me smile and say, “Thanks God, I can handle it from here.”?

How long has he suffered through my pity party, just waiting for me to wake up and see how He has blessed me?

How many times has He opened one door and watched me struggle to open the door He’s closed?

How many times has He silently listened to me blame Him for the circumstances in my life?

Last night, these women touched my heart and I felt a new kinship with them. We have much more in common than I ever would admit before. I left knowing I’m right where God wants me to be and that’s what matters. The outcome is His and not for me to know.

Today, I’m thankful my Heavenly Father chooses to love me despite how I respond to Him. I’m loved the same every day, whether I feel it or not…whether I think I deserve it or not.

Who can you relate to today? Do you know you’re loved just as you are?


4 thoughts on “Desired Outcomes

  1. Tammy, thanks for your reminder of God’s love for us. I could relate to the pity party. This week I’m having one, and I don’t like it. Consequently, my thoughts have influenced my actions and caused negative results. I need to remember to be grateful and thank God for what’s right, instead of dwell on what’s wrong.

    • Barbara, I find myself having pity parties more often than I’d like to admit, but at least I’m identifying them sooner and choosing to shift my focus.

      We all need to remember how blessed we are.

      Thanks for stopping by reading and for the comment and encouragement.

  2. Beautiful post, inspiring read and yes we are all in gods arms, some of us take the wrong path and others heal our wounds. You should take heart in the fact you are strong and have gods love to pass onto the broken.

    • Thanks Kath! Yes, God keeps reminding me to just walk in obedience and He’ll take care of the rest. The more I get rid of myself, the more He shines through and the more people resonate with the message.

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