Does God Want Persistence?

Photo courtesy of flickr creative commons

Many times we bring our requests to God only to give up when we don’t see an immediate result. How many times have we given up just short of having our request granted?

In our society, immediate gratification is prevalent. We don’t like having to wait for anything. We can treat God like He’s our personal genie and needs to give us whatever we ask.

Our society is also driven by shame, especially in the Christian community. We decide we are not worthy to ask God to meet our needs, because we’ve be told this is selfish. We are told this life is about suffering and God has much more serious things to be concerned about. So we give up asking, but in our soul we start to secretly resent the God who is withholding from us. It may be unknown to us, but eventually what is growing in our hearts comes out in our actions and words.

God wants us to ask Him to meet our needs. We must acknowledge Him first, but He cares deeply about what affects us.

This morning I came across Mark 10:46-52. Jesus was returning to Jerusalem with His disciples and a large crowd. Bartimaeus was a blind beggar and when he realized Jesus was in the crowd, he began to shout out for his healing.

In verse 48, it says “Many were sternly telling him to be quiet, but he kept crying out all the more, Son of David, have mercy on me.”

Bartimaeus identified who Jesus was. He knew Jesus was the Messiah, and he knew this was his opportunity to be healed. He refused to give up. The scripture doesn’t indicate that Jesus acknowledged him in the least until he refused to listen to those around him.

Many times we have people around us telling us to give up and we don’t see God appearing to acknowledge us. It is in those times we are being tested to see if we will trust God regardless of what we see or hear.

God expects us to be persistent to receive from Him. We need to keep seeking until we get an answer.

In Bartimaeus’ case, Jesus stopped and called him out when He saw his persistence. He asked him what he wanted and granted his request. Jesus told him his faith had made him well.

If Bartimaeus had listened to the crowd and given up, he wouldn’t have received his healing that day.

What have you been asking God for? Are you listening to the crowd?


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