Journey into Rest

Well, I promised to share my journey into learning to rest and it is the second week of the journey. Let me catch you up on what’s been happening so far.

Our mastermind group met on March 19th to set our 6th month goals and have the group offer suggestions on how to reach them and gain clarity around them. This may seem silly, but it really helps to have an outside perspective of like-minded people helping you see things you may have missed. My goals were pretty clear; I’ve been working on them for the last two years, so they should be clear. (Insert sarcastic chuckle here)

It took me a week and one day to write them out and process them. Mastermind Action Plan for 2014 Here’s the link I’ve included to my goals, if you’re interested. After I wrote them out, they left my mind as the things on my “to do” list overtook my brain. Not to worry, our fearless leaders reminded me by first asking us on facebook what action we would commit this week to reach our goal and the second by texting me a similar question. No chance to hide, so I was forced to look back over my goals and decide what one action would be undertaken today.

Walking on the beach sounded good. Yeah, I’ll walk on the beach for 15 minutes or more, sounds easy right? In the world of perfect, it would be, but…

The mark was missed yesterday, but when I posted on facebook of my intention to recommit there was immediate encouragement from one of the leaders. She commented, “Way to recommit”. It doesn’t take much to keep me motivated.

Today I spent a glorious ½ hr. on the beach. Sitting there made me uncomfortable…sitting there doing nothing when there is so much to do. Ideas for three different books I want to write came to my head and all the things I wasn’t getting done because here I was goofing off. In the midst of this dialogue, the thought I had taken one small step toward achieving one of my goals gave me just a little peace.

Getting in my car and heading home, I realized the pain my body has been in all day was a little less and I was inspired to come home and write!

So that’s it for today, my little victory for this week. This victory would not be possible had it not been for this group and the support. If you think you might be interested in a little support and would like more information comment here and I will see you get the information you need.

Are you struggling to learn how to rest? Do you have some suggestions for me or for someone reading this post who struggles like I do? Please feel free to share either way! Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Journey into Rest

  1. Tammy when I go for a walk on the beach my mind wanders. Its okay to think about stuff but sometimes I just need to breathe deep and soak in the nature around me. Gods gift of nature revives me it is there to be appreciated especially in rest time. Wishing you much stillness, for their you will gather the energy to do everything else.

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