Growing Creativity

The continuing saga of my journey into rest…

This weekend my journey went a little deeper. I’ve been taking lessons from my daughter in photography. A high school photography course awakened me to this art, but alas everyone was telling me I needed to be realistic and photography was just an expensive hobby. I listened…

Fast forward to the year 2012; in 2012 I stopped listening to the well-meaning advice others had been giving me about how to live my life and achieve success. My life changed on that day in March 2012 and it will never be the same.

This week, my daughter was getting so many compliments on her photography and I decided it was time for me to step further into the love I’d left behind. She offered to help me and we began.

The first thing I noticed was my need to wait until the perfect pose appeared before snapping the shot. Approaching this like any other task, the time it was taking weighed heavily on me. The voices came and reminded me there was work to be done; no time to goof off! It takes time and patience to take pictures, and taking pictures of animals seems even more difficult.

Becoming aware of perfectionism rearing its ugly head helped me to slow down and go with the flow of taking the pictures. It’s even fun!

Hope you will enjoy some of the shots I’ve taken and offer some constructive criticism if you’d like!

Have you given up a hobby you’ve enjoyed in your younger years? Is it time to unleash your creativity again?

Please feel free to share. Thanks again for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Growing Creativity

  1. Animal photography is very different to human photography and requires special talent. They actually run courses on animal photography, but it is, to say the least, an art! So glad that you are enjoying your lost love! 🙂

  2. Tammy you have a good eye, the photo of the dog is stunning and pets are hard because they move. I would be lost without my camera and am glad you are delving in something that you love. Look forward to seeing more.

      • Tammy if your passion lies in photography then so be it, learn everything you can about it. Take yourself on artist dates and just snap away at whatever inspires you. It is not silly or a waste of time it is why we are here. To find our passion then follow our bliss. Please share more photos soon and also follow other photography blogs. I love other peoples perspective on life. I love picture books I know I have a lot to learn and on the way I am happy I am heading in the right direction.

      • Awww Kath! You always have a way of saying the most encouraging things! I’m going to take your suggestions and start taking some time to have fun without making it a job! 🙂 Keep moving on in your dreams and thanks again for taking time to read and commenting. We will keep each other encouraged to move forward and leave that little voice of doubt behind! 🙂

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