Balancing Rest and Service


Rest has always seemed like a destination; a place you arrive when your work is done. The problem with this theory is the work is never finished.

In Pennsylvania, I started a cleaning business. Cleaning houses helped me earn a living and be home for my daughter when her school day was done. A habit of skipping lunch developed over these years. It was easier to work straight through so my day was over more quickly. What worked well in my business didn’t translate well into the rest of my life.

This habit began to invade every area of my life. Upon moving to Florida I found a regular job, they insisted that I take an hour for lunch. It was excruciating for me to take a whole hour of rest in the middle of the day. I searched for ways to fill the time, it always seemed to be too long, but not long enough to get anything of value completed. It had to be productive time, didn’t it?

What I didn’t realize at the time was that was the reason for a lunch break, to take a break from production. What a concept, taking a break, so you can come back refreshed and come in with a fresh perspective.

It’s the same concept in our lives. We are called to serve others in this life, but we also have to take a break from time to time or we lose perspective.

If our life is all about service and we never allow ourselves time to refresh, we are missing out on the big picture. We will soon run dry, trying to live life on our own power.

These are my thoughts today, as I allowed myself to take an afternoon nap and then proceeded to get back to work. It’s stretching me, learning to rest in the midst and then going back to work without throwing in the towel for the rest of the day.

It’s a practice I intend to continue until it becomes the norm. Taking advantage of those little moments when they come.

Do you struggle with taking a break and then getting back to work? What ways do you find to refresh in the midst? Please feel free to share your struggles and victories and thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Balancing Rest and Service

    • Thanks again Kath. Yes, my acupuncturist told me sometimes you have to pretend your back is broken. Seems a little drastic, but sometimes I need to know it’s okay to stop and care for my body, so I’ll be here when others need help.

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